Beverly Hills Pool Service

Do you need dependable, top-quality swimming pool service in Beverly Hills? Champion Pools is the natural choice!

The secret to a sparkling clean pool is consistent, professional maintenance. This involves thorough cleanings as well as maintaining the chemical balance of the water through expert testing.

Champion Pools is a Certified Pool Operator, fully insured and licensed with over fifteen years of experience! We take great pride in our customer service. We are experienced in residential as well as commercial maintenance, and are industry experts in the very latest salt-water systems. Each of our courteous technicians are prepared to care for your pool, spa, and fountains.

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Regular Pool Service

The crucial element to sparkling clean pool water is definitely regular maintenance. Achieving this requires not just regular cleaning with a trained technician, but also precisely managing your pool’s water chemistry via regular testing.

At Champion Pools, we provide weekly and twice-weekly service visits from trained technicians. They are also well-trained for both automatic chlorination and salt-cell purification systems.

A typical service visit includes the following:

  • Brush-scrub tiles and walls
  • Skim the water’s surface for debris and leaves
  • Vacuum clean the bottom and steps
  • Clean out the skimmer traps
  • Check the water for clarity
  • Test the water for available chlorine and pH levels
  • Visually inspect equipment, gauges, and timers

Other services are performed on a monthly basis. These may include:

  • Test and adjust for calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, and total alkalinity
  • Clean the filter
  • Check pump and motor seals
  • Inspect grout, sealants, and other exposed elements
  • Inspect handrails, steps, and other safety equipment
  • Inspect tiles and plaster

Special Services

We’re experts in diagnosing water chemistry and equipment problems. Our special pool services include chemical re-sets, removing tile scaling, and periodic equipment maintenance and repairs. We’re also experts in leak detection and pool closings and openings.

Your Best Choice in Beverly Hills: Champion Pools

Champion Pools is a local company you can trust. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years, and all our technicians are courteous and well-trained professionals. You can depend on us each and every week.

Our company is well-qualified for commercial pool service, including condominiums and apartments, hotels, health clubs, public pools, healthcare facilities, and more! We recognize that each facility is different, and we will work with you and create a custom plan for your specific situation.

We’re a NSPF certified pool and spa operator, and are licensed with the Los Angeles Health Department. Champion pools is licensed, fully insured, and bonded.

Give us a call; you can count on us to keep your swimming pool in the absolute best condition for your continued enjoyment!